Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Sana Junaid
Medical Education MBBS
Certification BLS
Primary Specialty Monitoring Patients's Conditions
Monitoring Women's Health
Monitoring Children's Health
Experience 9+ Years
Residency Pakistan
Speaks English, Hindi & Urdu

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Dr. Sana Junaid

General Practitioner


Dr. Sana Junaid is a highly experienced General Practitioner with a diverse range of expertise gained over her 14 years of practice. She graduated from DUHS in Pakistan in 2007 and went on to complete her internship in gynaecology and obstetrics, internal medicine, and cardiology. Her extensive training in these fields has equipped her to handle a wide variety of medical conditions.

Furthermore, she is adept at managing geriatric patients, efficiently handling their health records, and ensuring timely follow-ups. Her comprehensive approach to patient care extends to assisting patients in managing their blood sugar levels and weight through personalized guidance on balanced diets.

Dr. Sana is skilled in performing minor medico-surgical procedures. She is equally capable of managing both inpatient and outpatient settings for patients with chronic medical conditions. Her ability to handle critical care patients showcases her dedication to providing holistic and attentive care to individuals in need.

Dr. Sana Junaid’s broad range of skills, combined with her compassionate approach to patient care, has made her a valuable asset in the medical community. Patients can trust her for expert advice, efficient management of various medical conditions, and a commitment to their overall well-being.



  • Pediatrics
  • Diabetes and Weight management
  • Cardiology
  • Gynaecology
  • Obstetrics
  • Specialized care for children
  • Managing cardiac condition’s
  • Guiding expecting mothers through their pregnancies
  • Handling women’s health concerns

Service Recipient Says

Al Ittihad Medical Center offers exceptional care to patients, treating my family with compassion and respect. The staff's professionalism and courtesy made the experience easy, providing guidance, comfort, and strength. Special thanks to the competent and compassionate team.

Abdus Salam

The staff in Al Ittihad Medical Center is really amazing. The doctors and nurses were patient, kind, competent and efficient when replying to my questions. Their primary goal was to ensure that I was secured. I am convinced that the medical center has our best interest at the heart.


I just want to say a few words about the exceptional care I received at Ittihad Medical Center. All the doctors, nurses and other staff members were kind, friendly, conscientious, pleasant and professional. I was always greeted with several genuine smiles from the staff.


I recently found myself under your specialized care for a health issue. I agree that the entire staff here is exceedingly professional, courteous and efficient. I am really thankful for the outstanding treatment and the service, I received. I humbly submit my sincere gratitude.


Practice Locations

EMI Tower

303 Hamdan Street,
Al Danah – Zone 1
Abu Dhabi – UAE